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Super strength copper remover

Designed for problem barrels or high volume shooters where copper buildup is a problem. Copper Killer 50 B.M.G. is our best solvent for removing stubborn copper deposits. Copper Killer 50 B.M.G. is the industrial strength copper remover that quickly tackles the toughest jobs. Completely barrel safe and contains no acids, amines or chlorides.
Rated the #1 copper remover by Gun Test Magazine.

  1. Soak a suitable sized Montana X-Treme patch in Copper Killer and mount on a jag.
  2. From the receiver end (and preferably through a bore guide) push patch through the bore allowing it to fall off as it exits the barrel. Repeat with a new patch. For maximum results allow barrel to “soak” at least 15 minutes before continuing.
  3. Soak a nylon brush in Montana X-Treme Copper Killer and brush the bore approximately 20 times.
  4. Soak a patch in Copper Killer and run through bore one time.
  5. (Optional for stubborn copper deposits) Apply a liberal amount of Montana X-Treme Copper Cream to a tight fitting patch and work through the bore several times.
  6. Wet a patch with Copper Killer and run through the bore.  Repeat this step. If fouling is still present, repeat steps 5 and 6 until fouling is removed to your satisfaction.
  7. Run two dry patches through the bore.
  8. Protect the bore by adding a small amount of Montana X-Treme Bore Conditioner to a patch. Run through the bore several times. Ensure that you do not leave a heavy amount of oil in the barrel.
Available in 20 oz. and 6 oz. bottles
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