“For years, after I cleaned my rifle I would shoot another group to “foul” the bore before putting my rifle away. I did this because I had found the first shot after cleaning often would not predictably shoot to the same ‘zero’, and the first group after cleaning would not be as good as later groups. I have found a solution to both problems: Montana X-Treme Bore Conditioner. To use it, I clean as I always did, but now rather than firing a fouling group after cleaning, I use two patches of Bore Conditioner followed by a couple dry patches. The first shot is right where it should be and the groups are tight right from the start. I now have absolute confidence in the first shot. I save time, ammo, and avoid unnecessary bore wear. Plus I gain confidence in knowing my bore is clean, protected, and will place the first shot right where the rifle is zeroed. This stuff really works.”

Jeff Hoffman
Owner of Black Hills Ammunition, Rapid City, SD

made in the usa