cleaning comparison

In comparison to many other gun cleaning products, Montana X-Treme solvents are designed to clean your firearm without causing barrel damage. In the side-by-side comparison below, we cut a barrel in half and applied six different solvents to the barrel. Rather than wiping the solvents off, we let them sit on the barrel for 24 hours in a room with a temperature of 70 degrees F and 35% humidity.

As you can clearly see, the only solvents that did not develop rust on the barrel after only 24 hours were Montana X-Treme! Our solvents are barrel-safe and clean better than anything else on the market!

bore solevent
Montana X-Treme Bore Solvent
copper killer
Montana X-Treme Copper Killer
other brand 1
Other Brand #1
other brand 2
Other Brand #2
other brand 3
Other Brand #3
other brand 4
Other Brand #4
made in the usa
If you can’t leave it on your barrel, why
would you put it in your barrel?
Trust your firearms to Montana X-Treme!